How to Become Great At Conversational Hypnosis

One of the first parts of being a great Conversational Hypnotist is to have the ability to induce trance in another person. Without this skill in sharp condition you will have a very difficult time improving the lives of those around you. The ability to alter the state of mind has been something you probably […]

How the Master Storytellers’ Strategies can Help Hypnotists Master Hypnotic Stories

Master story tellers are the best that you could possibly hope to learn from, their ideas and strategies will help you to excel far beyond the norm of story telling practices. The strategies that you will learn here will still be encapsulated by all the things that stories help hypnotists do in their line of […]

How to Create Emotional Triggers with Hypnotic Stories

Hypnotic stories are essential to your practice and profession as a Conversational Hypnotist. The art of telling stories is a time tested tradition that has been alive as long as humans have been alive. You need only to look as far as cave drawings to know this is true. Story telling has evolved since then […]

Insider Tricks: Polishing Your Hypnotic Stories

Story telling is not only an age old process it is an important part of hypnosis. In your studies to become a great hypnotist it is important to really focus on your ability to tell a good story. Stories and hypnosis go together very well and story telling will be a powerful and important part […]

How to Structure a Hypnotic Story That Appeals to the Unconscious Mind

Stories are a powerful and essential building block for Conversational Hypnosis. Stories have been around since the dawn of man. All through history life has been documented with some type of story telling. Telling a story, whether it is a hypnotic story or not, is a way of bringing a person out of their own […]

The Power of Stories in Hypnosis

Stories are a wonderful and powerful tool that you use often now and you will use often in the art of Conversational Hypnosis. Story telling is a broad range of things, especially in hypnosis. The stories you tell as a hypnotist will not be all princesses and castles, nor will they all even be fictional. […]

How to Use Embedded Suggestions in Hypnosis

Embedded suggestions are an important aspect that will provide a very great amount of power within your Conversational Hypnosis practices.  This is a skill you will use over and over again to create suggestions that are unrecognizable to the conscious mind. An embedded suggestion is nothing more than a suggestion that is often repeatedly buried […]

How to Overload the Conscious Mind for Better Hypnosis

Overloading the conscious mind is a task that is quite easily done. In Conversational Hypnosis you will be doing this in order to confuse the mind so the conscious aspect is overloaded with trying to figure out what you have said. After you have accomplished that your suggestion will bypass the critical factor and move […]

The Language of Confusion in Hypnosis

Now normally we don’t like to try to confuse people.  When done purposefully it can seem in a way cruel.  However, confusion related to Conversational Hypnosis can be a fascinating and powerful tool as the master hypnotist Milton Erickson has shown us throughout history. Milton Erickson was a great hypnotist and one of the pieces […]

Ambiguity in Hypnosis

Ambiguous messages are a hypnotists dream when they are learned and practiced correctly.  First let’s define these words and messages.  There are a vast amount of words in the English language that will have several different meanings or definitions to them.  And as you become aware of them you will be able to create a […]